What you've been dreaming of for 15 years is possible today, and even more so.

  • User roles and rights packages for your entire organization
  • Analysis of strata of inheritance of millions of rights
  • Accelerated integration
  • Optimized processes
  • Mapping your confidential data and its custodians
  • The history of preparations for attacks by cyber pirates

- All our prospects say so -


For on-site proof-of-concepts, produce extracts in CSV format:

  • Organizational and HR data
  • Accounts and rights for Active Directory and your core business systems
  • Badge management system
  • Source ITSM
  • File servers

10 million, 20 million, 40 million accesses?

It's up to you to define the limit of the challenge.

Within a few hours/days of integration, you'll have access to all your users' profiles, a detailed analysis of their access and the attack surface for cyber hackers.

Beyond this result, to which we commit on a fixed-price basis, you'll have a strategic IAM and tactical action plan to protect your sensitive data and systems.

To demonstrate that ArmadAI can tackle challenges the size of Everest, we need standardized extractions in CSV format as a first step:

  1. Organizational and HR data for your entire organization
  2. Active Directory and complete accounts
  3. Business systems
  4. Badge management systems
  5. ITSM
  6. File servers

Anything to get what you were promised but never delivered.

Based on this data, our solution self-configures and begins its analysis processing to provide :

  1. An analysis of accounts and their vulnerabilities
  2. All business and user profiles and their rights perfectly aligned with the principle of least privilege
  3. A detailed analysis of access rights
  4. An analysis of sensitive subjects, the directories in which confidential files are stored and the custodians of these files
  5. An analysis of users targeted by attack preparations, their critical accesses and access rights to confidential directories where applicable

All this within a timeframe of around 3 to 4 months, for a fraction of the price of a standard IAM consulting service, and with a commitment to results.

Request a demo

Without taking the slightest financial risk, you can consider a different way of doing IAM. Join us for a presentation and find out how our Accelerated IAM consultancy has overcome such challenges before you.

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