Visualize Who, Where, and What is being targeted by cyber hackers

Our Dark Identity Management experts are pioneers with a track record of large-scale projects for major accounts. 

Reconstruct the history of threats to vulnerable accounts and accesses:

We leverage the addresses of your users and mail servers to launch investigations into the depths of the Dark Net.

Secondly, ArmadAI's analysis functions enable our consultants :

  • Exposing the misuse of business e-mail
  • Highlight threatened and vulnerable accounts
  • Anticipate massive phishing attacks
  • Identify accounts, accesses and data to be reviewed and protected immediately
  • Support the implementation of new dimensions of Identity Management in terms of processes

Anticipate attacks on your IAM :

IAM solutions have become the target of cyber pirates. The information they manage makes it possible to define :

  • Key organizational functions
  • The most interesting targets in terms of impact
  • The most sensitive computer access points

This is what we identify in your identity and access data prior to a reinforced protection project supported by our consultants.

Get key Cyber risk indicators:

Use indicators adapted to the problem of cyber hacking of accounts:

  • View your risk status
  • Define your mitigation priorities
  • Implement Mitre ATT&CK, a recognized cyber security framework

Our consultants can help you get started.

Means and results commitments

Our Dark Identity Management experts have 3 years' experience in major accounts. 

Our investigation and AI solution couples identity and access data with Dark Net data to give you a dark view of IAM, the cyber hackers' point of view.

With our ArmadAI Dark Identity Manager consulting offer, we commit to concrete, rapid and highly targeted results to anticipate attacks.

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