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Exploring the new dimensions of AMI since 2012

Anticipatory vision and unique achievements


Inspired by Life and High Intellectual Potentials

Several years ahead of the leaders in the IAM sector, ArmadAI is the fruit of R&D activities first carried out in Canada, then in France.

ArmadAI is biomimetic, self-configurable and combines a whole range of :

  • Exclusive Artificial Intelligence approaches,
  • In-depth expertise.

Tested under real-life conditions in organizations ranging from 1,200 to 220,000 employees, it has demonstrated a level of performance beyond the reach of AI Generative and leading IAM market solutions.

It is revolutionizing the sector, challenging traditional approaches and standards that are notoriously time-consuming, expensive and restrictive.

It opens up unprecedented perspectives, fully aligned with the new challenges facing organizations in terms of regulations and cyber piracy.

Coupled with generative AI, which it will drive and complement, ArmadAI will be the industry's "Game Changer" over the next decade.

In the meantime, she is one of the members of our team of consultants, whom she accompanies on unusual assignments.

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