IAM projects... Take on the challenge of Everest and reach new horizons

Manage your IAM project differently

Our AI-enhanced consultants solve the fundamental problem of AI, giving you the vision of a course and the best route.

Our tool-based approach enables us to solve a fundamental problem: answering the question "Who has access to what, why, including sensitive data and being targeted by cyber hackers".

Only our consultants can open up the following perspectives for you:

  • The provisioning of rich rights packages on "D" day
  • Reducing accumulated rights without complicated reviews
  • Account protection against targeted cyber attacks

All in accelerated mode and over a much wider perimeter than anyone else on the market.

To help you select the right IAM solution for your needs, our experts analyze your organization's identity model with AI.

Between a few days and a few weeks, our organizational modeling experts will work with you to define the identity model that supports the foundations of Least Privilege.

Then our solution will automatically qualify thousands of combinations of organizational and HR attributes that can be used to detect user profiles. 

With this knowledge, you can choose a solution whose data model and workflows best support your reality.

To help you understand what an effective provisioning model is, our experts produce the target to be reached, then explain the capabilities and constraints of the standards.

  • An effective model must be fully aligned with your business needs and be deployable without mobilizing your experts in endless workshops and validation sessions.
  • Our consultants will show you the results of the automated application of RBAC, ABAC, NGAC and AI-BAC models, over a very wide area thanks to the incredible speed of ArmadAI. 
  • Then you'll understand the advantages and disadvantages of each standard, and be able to choose a solution tailored to your needs and constraints. 

Throughout your project, know where you stand in terms of data quality, governance and IAM maturity

Throughout your project, our consultants will provide you with a clear vision of the areas of progress required for a successful project. 

Data quality and completeness, Legacy status, profiles and rights packages to be deployed, policy violations.... 

You'll be able to track performance indicators on all these points and more.

Finally, get the most out of your IAM solution

Whether on the "big day" of a deployment or a migration, we can automatically integrate all the profiles, people and rights analyzed by our AI.

With our API, without time-consuming, laborious and costly role management projects, you'll get the most out of your IAM solution.

Commitments to resources
and results

Our experts in IAM strategy and modeling have a combined 24 years' experience in Europe and North America. 

Our AI solution tackles challenges that are impossible with Excel, but also with traditional Identity Analytics tools.

With our IAM Insight consulting offer, we are committed to accelerating your Identity and Access Management solutions integration and support projects by several years.

And to demonstrate this perspective within 3 to 4 months of the launch of your projects.

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