Biomimetism and CyberSec AI

Know who has access to what, why, while being vulnerable to cyber hacking… Quickly!

ArmadAI... A disruption in the identity and access management consulting sector

Our IAM consultants have a tool-based approach unrivalled on the market.

With our AI and in parallel to a classic project approach, they analyze your massive data and:

  • Qualify all the reasons behind access provisioning to define your organization's identity model
  • Detect all user profiles and rights packages in your Global IS in just a few hours
  • Visualize the layers of your rights legacy to define the best remediation approach
  • Identify your vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks and suggest ways of preventing them without delay

They'll help you choose the best solution, initialize it with roles perfectly aligned with the principle of least privilege, and save you hundreds of thousands of euros and years of effort.

ArmadAI - Insights

Our AI will analyze your precise situation and help our consultants demonstrate the feasibility of ambitious objectives that are nevertheless within your reach.

ArmadAI consultants all over France answer this question with our AI and Dark Net investigation services. So your IAM projects reach another dimension.

Consolidating data with standard files and an API feeds our solution, which will determine :

  • Who's who, who's where in the company, who does what
  • Who accesses what 
  • What are privileged accounts? 
  • What is the status of accounts and rights 
  • Who has a vulnerable account 

But also, in a tiny fraction of the now obsolete role management, all user profiles and rights packages perfectly aligned with Least Privilege.

Performance and risk analysis indicators will enable our project managers to manage :

  • Reducing inconsistent data
  • Reducing policy violations
  • Priority accountability

But also the best support for Change, based on automated analyses of your entire organization.

The visualization of access status will allow our experts to define the best approach:

  • Classic magazine
  • Pareto principle
  • Priority surrender of critical rights
  • Review of access to confidential data

All this while identifying at a glance abnormal peaks to be reduced with a specific remediation project.

In parallel with your accelerated IAM deployment project, our teams offer KRI Mitre ATT&CK to support you in :

  • Define your IAM attack surfaces with a broader approach than that of your Red Team
  • Targeted remediation activities prioritized by our AI
  • Awareness and information campaigns on cyber vulnerabilities concerning accounts, policy violations and privileged access.

With AI-enhanced IAM experts, ArmadAI gives you the means to succeed and expand your projects, while reducing costs and timescales.

Turn your back on time-consuming and costly approaches to the Past:

  • Achieve ahead of schedule the objectives you had hoped to reach at the end of long, costly projects with no guarantee of success.
  • Set a target that meets the requirements of regulators, NIS 2 and is now realistic
  • Choose the most appropriate IAM solution and reduce its Total Cost of Ownership

Give yourself the means to succeed quickly!

Our solution's interoperability with IAM solutions makes it easy:

  • Deployment of user profiles and rights packages on "D" day
  • Regular updates to reflect any changes
  • Seamless extensions throughout your integration projects
  • Optimizing your procurement processes
  • Simplification and gradual reduction of access reviews

Our competitive advantages

What does ChatGPT have to say about ArmadAI's memorable challenge?

Our unrivalled Sovereign AI, whose superiority even ChatGPT recognizes

Our Dark Net survey and IAM vulnerability analysis service

Unparalleled visibility and depth into the status of your accounts and accesses

An impressive ability to accelerate your projects

Request a presentation

Commitment to results

Realize that new perspectives are opening up, and that ArmadAI offers a major breakthrough in the way you run an IAM project.

Frequently asked questions

All the answers to your questions

How does ArmadAI fit into a Sovereignty context?

As a French player and solution, ArmadAI is not subject to foreign extraterritorial laws. The combination of ArmadAI and identity and access management solutions subject to the CLOUD Act mitigates the risk of access to internal information that could be exploited under FISA, FCPA or the PATRIOT Act, for example.

We have an internal information classification method. What do you bring to the table?

The problem with classification methods is that managers don't necessarily know what is C2, C3 or C4. So classic classification methods are showing their limitations. During training and awareness-raising workshops, we support managers in: 1° defining what is confidential and what is a business secret; 2° the impact of disclosure, depending on the context of the information; 3° the logical definition of the classification level... All this with an analysis tool that immediately enables you to: 1° see the relevance of keywords, synonyms, exclusions of terms in the survey of unstructured data; 2° view the list of document repositories; 3° produce indicators and a map of sensitive subjects. In this way, managers understand what is C2, C3 or C4, and are much more efficient in a sanctuarization project, because they know where to look for information among thousands of directories.

What makes your approach different from that of your competitors?

Our competitors take information and classify it individually. This is laborious and time-consuming, even with tools. We start from a thesaurus of themes and sub-themes defining confidential information and business secrets. We apply this thesaurus to the metadata contained in computer accesses to locate confidential information nestled in tens of millions of others, and provide a dynamic cartography. Based on the above, it is possible to carry out lateral searches of document versions. We also complement our approach with vulnerability analysis of custodian accounts, identifying those that are the target of cyber hackers.

After the Solarwinds and OKTA cases, how can you reduce the risk of exploiting any of our identity and access management solutions with your "Dark Identity Management" approach?

By leveraging your solution's data and launching an automatic Dark Net investigation, we answer the question: "Who occupies a sensitive function, where in the organization, having access to what and being vulnerable to attack?" Then you can catch attackers off guard by strengthening account security, multi-factor authentication, bastioning and reducing privilege access, etc...

What can your Identity Analytics approach based on Mitre ATT&CK and D3fend do for us?

An extremely circumscribed vision of risks and preventive actions on accounts and accesses vulnerable to attack. Key cyber risk indicators rather than performance indicators. IAM management at the pace of cyber hackers.

What can your Dark Net analysis services do for us?

A different view of the use of identities and access, from the point of view of cyber hackers. 1° Which users are vulnerable to phishing or brute-force attacks? 2° What are their computer and document directory accesses? But also information that can catch attackers off-guard. 1° which users are vulnerable, and which have critical access? 2° Who are the targeted users and who have vulnerable accounts, in particular without mandatory password changes?

How did ChatGPT come to the conclusion of ArmadAI's superiority?

We presented ChatGPT with a dataset representative of a work unit with 16 pseudonymized individuals and 300 access rights codes. ChatGPT failed all user role and sub-role detection tests. We have listed the expertise topics covered by ArmadAI, as well as its processing times. ChatGPT recognized its limitations and requested ArmadAI's supervision to bring it up to standard.

What do you bring to the table that's better and more than the IGA tools we've deployed?

ArmadAI lets you make the most of these tools with a role management approach that has proven effective where promises have been broken. Compare our respective approaches and their time/cost ratios across your entire organization. Benchmark in an organization with 220,000 employees and 6,200 work units: 1° Classic approach: 22 man-years and 5.2 million euros estimated as never finalized. 2° ArmadAI approach: 3 machine days and 1 man day achieved. Benchmark in an organization of 4,500 employees: 1° Conventional approach on the perimeter of the central IS: 2 years. 2° ArmadAI approach on the perimeter of the central IS, ITSM, physical access and shared directories: 2 hours.

What is the fundamental problem with AMI, what are its consequences, and how do you respond better than others?

The fundamental problem with IAM is the inability to quickly and simply answer the question: "Who has access to what and why?" To do this, you have to spend years trying to deploy a role model in the wake of the deployment of any solution, with approaches that are all equally time-consuming, and which come up against constraints of availability and intelligibility of access rights. As a result, IT access requests remain largely unitary, rights accumulate, security breaches increase, and regular access reviews become necessary. In short, productivity gains are not forthcoming, and the promises made by incumbent vendors and consulting firms are not being kept. We're reducing the role deployment phase to a tiny fraction, without having to mobilize the entire management and knowledge base. So requests for rights packages are possible across the whole organization from day one. Automated rights analyses enable mass revocation, again with little management involvement. Access reviews are ultra-simplified, as they focus on exceptions.

How can your consultants help speed up an IAM project?

When implementing or migrating to a new IAM or IGA solution: 1° INITIALIZATION: we assess the quality of your identity and access data at the very first stage of your project, so that you can clean it up before you initialize any solution, rather than during or after, 2° PRODUCTION: we produce all user roles and their rights packages prior to their validation by survey and deployment on "D" day, rather than after several years of project support, 3° OPERATION: we simplify provisioning and access reviews by highlighting rights packages in rules on the one hand, and exceptional rights and rights to be revoked on the other, in order to reduce the scope of reporting.

What does ArmadAI offer that other Identity Analytics tools and functions don't?

Speed, simplicity and reduced deployment costs unrivalled on the market. With us, there's no need: - preparation of role management workshops by a role analyst, who spends an average of 1.5 hours at a cost of 95 euros per hour, - the role analyst to present the role versions to a manager and an expert, at an additional cost of 3 hours, including an additional 95 euros for coaching, - analysis sessions with managers and experts who do not always understand the meaning of access rights and the reasons why they have been granted, - version finalization by the analyst prior to a validation cycle by system owners and a security analyst. These are the deliverables of our AI that can be validated by representative surveys of system administrators, and consequently, the relevance of the algorithms. The operational workload, which represents around 10 man-hours per organizational unit, is reduced to a tiny fraction on the scale of a large organization. On the order of a few tens of minutes to one machine day, compared with several years or even decades. Productivity gains amount to several hundred thousand euros, or even millions on the scale of organizations with over 100,000 employees.

How is ArmadAI inspired by Le Vivant?

ArmadAI is inspired by the world of bees. It generates, supervises and destroys agents that share detection and analysis activities. So rather than a monolithic approach to AI, it applies a multi-agent approach that acts in swarms.

How is ArmadAI really AI?

ArmadAI combines different AI approaches such as: - pattern detection in identity and access data, - decision trees that structure advanced expertise in identity and access management, - global analysis algorithms capable of processing millions of rights at once, - logic enabling variations of the principle of least privilege to be applied according to context, - an expert system equipped with inference rules.

What our customers say


When user profiling is achieved in a matter of hours/days, and on a global IS scale, then the path to rights cleansing and deployment of IAM processes becomes clear.


Your goals become very ambitious.


When you remove role management from traditional IAM projects, you reduce the time needed for your IAM projects by several years.


When you reduce the cost of change management associated with role management, you have more budget to integrate more data sources and tackle the most advanced levels of IAM.


A multi-year IAM project is incompatible with hacker protection requirements.


Now you can reconcile long-term objectives and immediate constraints with Identity Analytics and our advice on cyber risk reduction.


One of the leaders in the IAM sector was attacked twice in two years, leaving its customers vulnerable.


If within a few hours you can identify all the targets of interest for cyber hackers, and first and foremost CISOs and system administrators, you can strengthen their security and catch the attackers off guard.

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